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Patrick "Calves" Esper
Founding Partner

I walked into a Crossfit gym 3 years ago and in typical fashion got my ass handed to me. Like most people who find themselves in this community, I was hooked from minute one. Now, I was and never will be much to write home about when it comes to my competitive CF ability. My first Fran was 17 minutes, and I did it taking the bar from the rack. When I PR my back squat it takes me a good 30 seconds of fighting to stand that sucker up. I was recently paid the “compliment” by someone at the gym “you’re definitely not going to sneak up on anyone with your explosiveness”.

What I am good at though, is numbers and planning. I am an extremely calculated individual. I will never be the guy standing on the podium, but I am pretty darn good at breaking down the performance of the guy that is standing on the podium. Looking at problems and finding the most efficient way to accomplish it has always intrigued me. In just about every situation I find myself thinking about ways I could do “this” better.

I am extremely confident in my ability to see a vision through to reality. Lex Artis is a way for me to use my strengths and have an impact on our Crossfit Community.

Contact me directly calves@lex-artis.net

Nick "Oz" Ostrowski
Founding Partner

For as long as I can remember, athletics and competition have dominated my life -- from youth sports, all the way through high school and eventually to coaching college at the division I and division III levels. Learning the intricacies of different positions and constantly bouncing around embracing the technical aspects of several different sports I played instead of focusing on just one made it difficult to excel at any one, but instead, seem to be good at several. That coupled with the intensity and community of Crossfit had me hooked.

After starting CF, I quickly dove head first into training harder and soon also got after the competition side of it. Within six months I had taken my CF Level 1 and began coaching. Trying to understand why and how doing a workout or movement was important and how to fine tune it to produce the types of results desired has always been one of my favorite parts of coaching. With that in mind, I really began to dissect programming to try to understand the physiological response and how to translate it into ---------. No matter what the end goal is for an athlete, I aim to use write programs that will not only be fun but ultimately will produce safe and desirable results.

As far as I’m concerned, few things are as bitter tasting as paying money for something and being dissatisfied. It is my belief that we can provide everyone with something unique, something that they will never forget and most importantly, something that they will enjoy.

Contact me directly nick@lex-artis.net

Chad “Beard” Cox
Partner and On Camera Talent

My introduction into this whole awakening was “Barbara” and in true over confidence/excitement I declined to take the 3:00 rest between rounds. In the 4th round going from sit-ups to squats, my stomach had taken all it could. So there I was, just before 4:00 a.m. in Southern Iraq, hunched over with my hands on my knees dry heaving and I thought to myself: “This is awesome!”

Here in 2013, 4 years later, my affinity for this community has only grown. Along the way I’ve competed in a few local competitions, seen good workouts and bad workouts, took the Level 1 course, started coaching, and tossed around the idea of opening an affiliate but decided against it. This truly is an addictive community and has a lot more to offer than one’s own fitness. Experiences, friendships, and lessons are created on a daily basis, and it is something else to see others truly surprise themselves.

My biggest goal with Lex Artis is to provide a challenging, fun, and worthwhile experience. My intention is not to reinvent the wheel. The model is already out there and it works. Keeping athletes healthy and motivated is of utmost importance for all. I feel that is a core value within Lex Artis and will continue in the same fashion myself.

Contact me directly chad@lex-artis.net

Who We Are

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of LexArtis to provide gym owners, athletes, and enthusiasts with comprehensive, thought out solutions for events, gym management, and programming with timely service that fulfills their wants and needs to allow more time to focus energy on clients, business, and training.

Lex Artis

Lex Artis is a Latin word meaning The Law of Skill. The definition includes being distinguished for theory, the application of use of knowledge or a set of skills, a set of example, conventions, or habits, and the practical side of a field of study.

We feel Lex Artis embodies what we are bringing to reality. We have the practical hands on knowledge gained from being a part of this community for years. We have learned from what we have done in the past and you have the opportunity to gain from that experience. We truly believe in what we have to offer and our ability to deliver on our skills.

Let us show you how we can provide you more time to spend on your clients.