MCCF Summer Open 2014
Saturday August 16th, 2014

Who: Individuals, 3 divisions, Rx, Masters (40+), Beginner.  This will have a 120 participant MAX.  

What: Individual Competition.  4-5 WODs (potentially multiple parts) that all participants will compete in. 

When: 8/16/14, 1st WOD starts at 9am.  

Where: Motor City Crossfit

Why: One of the oldest competitions in Michigan.  

How: $75 registration fee (includes event shirt, plus possible other sponsor give-aways)

Prizes: Cash Prizes for the RX Division.  CF Gear and/or Gift Certificates will be given out to the top athletes in the beginner division.

(RX) - You could be someone new to Crossfit that came in with an athletic background, or you could have a few years of Crossfit under your belt.  80-90% of what gets written on the board you can do as it is written.  You may not be the stud of the gym, but you always finish with a very respectable time/score.  A competition at this level will not see ring or bar muscle ups.  Comfortable Oly weights (weights that you are comfortable with in a metcon setting) should be 165/105# for C&J, 115/80# on the snatch.  You have double unders, you can do HSPU, and pistols aren’t elusive to you.  

(Beginner) - This is for someone that enjoys being out on a competition floor and pushing their own personal limits, but knows that they will have to alter movements or weights to fit their ability level from what may be written on the board at times.  WODs programmed for this level of programming will be very approachable.  They will still get your lungs burning, but you won’t see any high skill gymnastic movements or sizable loads programmed.  

Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted on an individual basis.  You must e-mail to request a refund.  21 days, or shorter, prior to the event the maximum refund will be 50% of registration cost.  10 days, or shorter, prior to event no refunds will be granted.  All tickets may be transferred, you must e-mail with all new athletes information if you do transfer your ticket.