Michigan Barbell Classic II
Saturday October 18th, 2014

Welcome Michigan Barbell Classic.... TWO! Ever wondered how you stack up, pound for pound strenghtwise, compared to other.  This event is for you!  No metcons, ALL STRENGTH and OLY. This event is going to be a Oly Meet and a Powerlifting Meet combined with our own spin on it. Unlike in traditional meets where you only get 3 attempts, athletes will be given a certain amount of time to make as many attempts at a lift as they like. The lifts will be the Clean and Jerk (150pts), the Snatch (150pts), Back Squat (100pts), Bench Press (100pts), and the Dead Lift (100pts). This provides equal weighting to the Oly lifts and the Power lifts.

We will be using the Wilks Method to normalize the pounds lifted against varying body weights.  If you would like to know the math, just google it and go the wikipedia page..  Back squatting 450#’s is just a number. Back squatting 450#’s if you weight 150# is pretty awesome.  This does mean that you will be weighing in when you register.

We had some OLY lifters take the title last year, let's see what happens this year. 

Athletes: Each athlete will be permitted to bring one person onto the lifting floor with them while they attempt their lifts. This person will help the athlete load the bar with weights, may encourage the athlete, may aid in racking or re-racking a loaded bar, and may provide a spot if needed (any lift completed with the aid of a spotter will NOT count as a successful lift). This person who comes out on the floor with you may be another competitor in the event who is lifting in another heat, or they can be someone who is not participating in the event. This person may not interfere with anyone else who is on the lifting floor. Weight is allowed to be on the bar prior to “3,2,1, lift” (i.e. bars don’t need to be empty)

ONLY Acceptable equipment: Lifting shoes, Compression Socks, Knee Wraps or sleeves, weight belts, elbow wraps or sleeves, wrist wraps. Lifting straps that aid in gripping the bar are NOT permitted. Squat suits, bench shirts, etc are NOT permitted.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted on an individual basis.  You must e-mail info@lex-artis.net to request a refund.  21 days, or shorter, prior to the event the maximum refund will be 50% of registration cost.  10 days, or shorter, prior to event no refunds will be granted.  All tickets may be transferred, you must e-mail info@lex-artis.net with all new athletes information if you do transfer your ticket.