Bad Boy Break Out Games
Saturday September 6th, 2014

Welcome to the First Bad Boy Break Out Games!  This event will be a partner event (1 male, 1 female) and will be hosted by Crossfit Bad Boys. 

We will have two divisions, Competitor and RX (definitions will be at the bottom of the page).  Cash Prizes for the RX division, and CF Gear will be given away to the winners in the competitor division. 

The day will consist of four or five partner based workouts that every team will compete in. 

This event is capped at 80 teams.  There will be a discount code good for $20 off registration to the first 30 teams that use it.  The code is "First30".

WODs will be released well in advance of the date of the competition along with movement standards. 

(RX) - You could be someone new to Crossfit that came in with an athletic background, or you could have a few years of Crossfit under your belt.  80-90% of what gets written on the board you can do as it is written.  You may not be the stud of the gym, but you always finish with a very respectable time/score.  A competition at this level will not see ring or bar muscle ups.  Comfortable Oly weights (weights that you are comfortable with in a metcon setting) should be 165/105# for C&J, 115/80# on the snatch.  You have double unders, you can do HSPU, and pistols aren’t elusive to you.  

(Competitor) - This level of programming is going to be much more focused on being inclusive rather than exclusive.  Movements like Pistols, Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Pull ups, and Double Unders (things that tend to give newer people sticking points, where they either come to a complete stop or have difficulty with) will not be see at this level of programming.  We consider this to be a “Fun” level of competition.  Workouts are going to be more similar to some of the more inclusive CF Open WODs.  Men should be comfortable cleaning 135# and snatching 95#, Women 95# and 65#.  Men should be good with deadlifting 185#, women 135#.  A partner competition that is programmed at this level doesn’t mean that both partners need to be at the same level.  A higher level competitor can still get good workout, they will just be able to move faster, or possibly unbroken through the movements. 


Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted on an individual basis.  You must e-mail to request a refund.  21 days, or shorter, prior to the event the maximum refund will be 50% of registration cost.  10 days, or shorter, prior to event no refunds will be granted.  All tickets may be transferred, you must e-mail with all new athletes information if you do transfer your ticket.