Barbell Classic 4
Saturday January 7th, 2017

Our ALL LIFTING event is back for the fourth time. This is 5 lifts only and a great time to PR!  We will be using a combined lifting total to determine our overall BEST lifter (OLY(sinclair score)+Power(Wilks Score))  The Wilks and Sinclair methods are used to normalize lifted weights against the lifters bodyweight.  The 5 lifts are Snatch, C&J, Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift (in that order). 5 mins on the floor for each OLY lift and 4 minutes on the floor for each of the Power Lifts.


This is a great event to mark your calendar with and coming out to set some personal bests. Over the past Three years of this event we have had 90%+ of our athletes setting at least 1 PR and we have people that have gone 5 for 5. We hope to see you out for our 4th year of this event.


Event Details:


Snatch – 5 minutes on the floor

Clean and Jerk – 5 minutes on the floor

Back Squat – 4 minutes on the floor

Bench press  – 4 minutes on the floor

Dead Lift – 4 minutes on the floor

Athletes: Each athlete will be permitted to bring one person onto the lifting floor with them while they attempt their lifts.  This person will help the athlete load the bar with weights, may encourage the athlete, may aid in racking or re-racking a loaded bar, and may provide a spot if needed (any lift completed with the aid of a spotter will NOT count as a successful lift).  This person who comes out on the floor with you may be another competitor in the event who is lifting in another heat, or they can be someone who is not participating in the event.  This person may not interfere with anyone else who is on the lifting floor.  Weight is allowed to be on the bar prior to “3,2,1, lift” (i.e. bars don’t need to be empty)


ONLY Acceptable equipment: Chalk, Lifting shoes, Compression Socks, Knee Wraps or sleeves, weight belts, elbow wraps or sleeves, wrist wraps.  Lifting straps that aid in gripping the bar are NOT permitted.  Squat suits, bench shirts, etc are NOT permitted.  


Judges and Movement Standards: Judges will be provided to you.  Movement standards will be as follows (***This is NOT a Traditional OLY or Power Lifting Meet, some standards are different***):


Clean and Jerk – The bar starts on the ground and ends up in the front rack position on the athlete.  The bar is then jerked overhead and the athlete finishes the lift completely stood up with the bar locked out overhead.  Acceptable variations will be lifting the bar from the ground, but then starting the lift from the hang position.  Any method of getting the bar overhead is acceptable (strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk).  Any variation of clean is acceptable (split clean, muscle clean, power clean, squat clean).  Both feet must finish together underneath the athlete and control of the bar must be visible to the judge.  


Snatch – The bar starts on the ground and ends up held over the athlete's head with the athlete fully standing up.  The bar cannot come in contact with the athlete’s chest, shoulders, head, or neck during the lift.  The bar cannot be caught any lower than the top of the athletes head.  If the athlete falls to a knee, or both knees, or their butt, they can still try to save the lift by standing it up from there.  As long as the bar starts on the ground, stopping at the hang position and then completing the lift from there is acceptable.  Acceptable variations will be muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, split snatch.  


Back Squat – The bar starts in the rack.  Athlete takes the bar from the rack and starts it an upright standing position.  Lowers until hip crease is below their knee (below parallel) and then stands back up to upright with hips open.   Stations will NOT have safety squat arms.  Please know how to fail safely on a squat.  If you don’t know what I am talking about watch this VIDEO


Deadlift – The bar starts on the ground and is lifted by the athlete until shoulders are behind the bar and hips are open with athlete standing upright (knees, hips, and shoulders are in line).  BOTH Sumo and Conventional style lifts are permitted for this competition.


Bench press – The bar starts in the rack.  The athlete (he can use the spotter for a lift off the rack) takes the bar from the rack and starts with arms fully outstretched.  Bar is lowered and must come in contact with the chest and then is pressed back to arms being full outstretched.   Arching of the back is permitted.  Once the arms return to a locked out position, the spotter may help guide the bar back into the rack.  Here is a VIDEO that displays these standards, NOTE: we will NOT be judging this lift based on your butt/hips this year.  We do not have trained powerlifting judges, and enforcing this standard correctly and evenly is not a possibility.  Again, we will NOT be judging based on your butt/hips.  If they lift off the bench, that will still be considered an acceptable lift.  


Warm-up Area:  We will have a large warm up area that can be used prior to you taking the floor.  The warm up area will have plenty of bars and weights (approx 15 bars and almost 2500#’s of plates and bumpers).  The warm up area will be limited to four areas to squat from a rack.  During the bench event, there will only be 2 extra benches in the warm up area.  If any athlete wishes to bring their own bench to the warm up area, you may.    All areas and equipment MUST be shared.  


SCORING:  The scoring for this event will be different than what is traditionally used for OLY/Powerlifting Meets.  Usually you have weight classes and break everyone up into their own small groups.  Since we aren’t bound to be traditional, we have come up with a method to level the field for everyone involved.  


Each lift will be scored relative to the athlete's own body weight by way of the Sinclair Coefficient (Oly Lifts) and the Wilk’s Coefficient (Power lifts).  These coefficients sole purpose is to normalize a Total (either Oly or Power Lifting) across the range of lifters body weights.   The overall winner will be determined by their WILKS + their SINCLAIR combined TOTAL.  We will get to see who the best pound for pound power and oly lifters are, but the winners of this meet will be determined by that COMBINED TOTAL of all 5 lifts (WILKS + SINCLAIR)


Click here to see the SCOREBOARD to visually see the scoring method and how the numbers work


For more on SINCLAIR

For more on WILK's


The way this will work is EVERYONE will weigh in at the beginning of the day.  Everyone will be weighing in on the same scale (and we do have an identical backup).  Athletes are allowed to strip down to undergarments, but we will not allow naked weigh-ins.  Athletes will only get one single weigh-in (i.e. you don’t get to weigh in, then go to the bathroom, then take your clothes off, then stand on your head for 5 min, then weigh in again to see if you weigh less).

**For the purposes of this meet, men’s bars will be called 45#’s and women’s bars will be called 33#’s**



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Price Guarantee Policy

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