T-Town 3 "Battle at the Border"
Saturday October 22nd, 2016

Welcome to the 3rd T-Town Throwdown!  We are going to be doing things just a little different this year.  First, 2 divisions, Male/Male and Female/Female.  Second, we are moving this date to the fall.  Third (goes hand in hand with moving the event to the fall) we are adding in a little “grudge match” twist and titling this event “Battle at the Border”.  Teams when they register will declare their side, either “Michigan” or “Ohio State”.  (We are lumping both Michigan Teams into “Michigan”, MSU & UofM).  We encourage teams to show up representing their side on the “Battle” and at the end of the day, based on scores from everyone on each side, we will declare a winner (the prize is bragging rights!) 

If you are a looking to get a team together to come out and win this event, don’t worry.  We are still going to have a podium and prizes based on your team's performance within your given division (either M/M or F/F).  There will be one written movement standard for this event, but scaling will be allowed.  If you do scale a movement your team is just eliminated from prizes. 

So, get a partner, declare a side, and get down to Glass City Crossfit for a Battle at the Border!


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