Patriot Games
Saturday September 9th, 2017

***Registration Opens JUNE 3rd at 8am***

It's BACK! Patriot Games after 2 years has developed an almost cult-like following. This event, while not our largest, is the one that will truly test your mettle. Just like we have done in the past, instead of 4 or 5 WODs held over the course of an entire day, teams will compete during their own 70 minute window. The only difference is this year we have moved the event outside of the CF Games competitve season to the fall. We hope to see you for year number three of my personal favorite event that we do!

Teams will remain as two person teams, and the two divisions will be All Male and All Female. The 70min is GOING to be challenging, but we have had people of a variety of ability levels compete AND complete this event in the past. We have NO PLANS of changing this.

Example: I sign up for the 8:30am Heat. We show up and register up to one hour prior along with the other 10-12 teams that signed up for that heat. At 8:30am sharp we start the event. The event will have a number of “WODs” and “Rest” throughout the duration of the 70 minutes. This is just an example, but it could look something like this:

min 1-12 - Endurance min 12-14 - rest/transition min 14-25 - Strength based WOD min 25-40 - Skill based Metcon min 40-45 - rest/transition min 45-50 - Partner #1 Short metcon min 50-55 - Partner #2 Short Metcon min 55-70 - WOD for time until the finish ***This is just an EXAMPLE, this will NOT be the exact set up for the event***

Once you and your partner are done, you may cool down as you wish and leave whenever you are ready. What this means is you and your partner are signing up for a specific start time and start to finish about a 2 hour time commitment.

Cost Breakdown

$64.99/athlete = $129.98 - 2.9% payment processing fee = $3.77/team - 3.5% platform fee = $4.55/team - $0.30 Transaction fee


Once you sign up for an event 100% of all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you sign up for an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 90% of registration cost (i.e. a 10% service fee will apply to ALL refunds). At 30 days prior to an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 50% of registration cost. At 21 days prior to the event, there will be NO refunds granted. ALL refund requests MUST be sent via E-MAIL ONLY to


We appreciate our early registrants and repeat customers. If you register for one of our events, and if we globally lower the price of the event after you have paid, we will refund the difference to you between the price you paid and the lower price.