SEND PAUL TO THE GAMES - Charity WOD & Cookout
Saturday July 8th, 2017


Well, for those of us that know Paul, we know that “win” was far from “out of nowhere”.  


The first event that I can remember Paul was August 16th 2014, the Motor City Summer Open.  Athlete #337, he was a late entry into the RX Division.  Now, I would love to tell you what place he came in, but I have no idea.  Over the last three years though, Paul has definitely done things that have got him noticed.  He has competed in so many of our events I’ve lost count.  He’s partnered up with athletes of just about any ability level, made the podium many times, but bottom line he just comes out to compete!


I don’t know when Paul set his goal on the CrossFit Games, but his work ethic was hard not to notice.  Last year at 2016 Central Regional he set an event record.  But, in the short conversation I had with him after the event, he described a feeling of he may have just made a mistake pushing as hard as he did.  The adrenaline dump he experienced was something he didn’t prepare for.  What really struck me about Paul’s words was his insight into his performance.  It was clear this was something he was going to learn from and only become better as opposed to feeling like he “missed his shot”.


Fast forward to May 2017, the Central Regional.  “And, in FIRST PLACE, Paul Castillo!”  He did it.  And, in his own words, “WE DID IT”.  Paul is a fierce competitor, but his humility is something that always shines through.  He is always quick to credit his wife Britta for her work at home and with the kids that gives him the freedom to put in the hours training.  He’s always thankful for his training partners that push him to his limits.  His Glass City Crossfit community and coaches are people that he is proud to represent and loves the support of.


Now is a time that we can come together, as a community, and help to support Paul on his final push to the 2017 Crossfit Games.  Anyone that has a family knows that traveling with a family is not the cheapest thing in the world.  Paul, being an “unknown” doesn’t have the list of sponsors throwing him financial support.  Beyond the obvious trip to Wisconsin there are numerous training trips paul has scheduled over the next few weeks.  He will be in New York for a 4 day competitors training camp, Boston for 5 days for the Reebok Training Grounds athlete camp, and in Maine for the Misfit Athletics Athlete Training Camp.  This is time away from both work and family, but cost as well.  Being the “unknown”, he doesn’t have the same sponsor support that some of the more known Games athletes have behind them.  These camps and trainings are what Paul is using to become both mentally and physically prepared for the level of competition he is going to be facing at the Games.  Paul could use our help so that he can spend these next few weeks focusing on his training and his recovery as opposed to how he is going to afford his upcoming trip.




On Saturday July 8th, we are going to be having a community workout and cookout in support of Paul Castillo.  Paul would like to pay tribute to a former Toledo CrossFit Games Athlete, Joe Lengel, whose life was tragically cut short in 2012.  


At 10am we will be performing: “Joe”  10 Thrusters 95/65, 10 Bar Facing Burpees, 10 Pull Ups, 57 Double Unders, 10 rounds for time.  The 10am heat will be as big as we need it to be, but this heat will be performing this workout individually.  Paul himself will be performing “Joe” with the 10am heat.  When the individual heat is complete, around 11am, we hold a PARTNER version of “Joe”.  Partnerships must be MM or FF for equipment reasons.  Paul will be around for encouragement and support for the Partner Heat.


Once the workout is complete, we will be rolling into a charity cookout hosted by Paul’s gym Glass City CrossFit.  Food will be provided, but any beer must be BYOB.  This will be a time to celebrate Paul’s accomplishment thus far in the Games season and wish him well on his final push to Wisconsin.


We hope to see you at Glass City on July 8th to Celebrate our Region’s CrossFit Games Athlete, Paul Castillo!


EVERY DOLLAR MADE ON THIS EVENT AND THE SHIRT SALE IS GOING TO PAUL.  We at Lex Artis are donating our time on this one to a guy that has been supporting our events for the last 4 years. is donating their platform fee, and the only money they cannot waive is the 2.9% online credit card processing fee.  Any donation made through this event to paul, will go to him just less that 2.9% fee.