Fall Rookie Rumble - Michigan
Saturday September 23rd, 2017

Are you new to all of this functional movement performed at high intensity? Have you ever done a competition before? Following through with that new years resolution and ready to take it to a new level? Well, this event is for you! This is one of our most popular events and has such a high demand that we decided to bring it back for two events in the fall! One in Michigan and one in Cincinnati.


This will be a partner event with two divisions: “Full Rookie” Division. Two “Rookies” get together and form a team. This can be male-male or female-female.  “Pro-Am” Division. This is where two people form a team where one person has been around the block and has more experience, but the other person is fairly new to all of this stuff. (again, male-male or female-female teams ONLY)


Now, how do we define “Rookie”? Some people define this by how long they have been working out at high intensity. This is a good start, but it’s not a perfect test. There are people that walk into a gym and hit multiple muscle ups on day one. There are also people that have been around a gym for a year or two and may still be working on some of their skills.


The bottom line is you know if you are a “Rookie” or not. If you are someone that is still working RX weights for many of the named “Girl” WODs, if double unders still seem to get the best of you, pull ups might not be your thing yet… these are some things that mean that you are still new to all of this. On the other hand, if you are able to hit all of the named Girl WODs at RX weights, if you can butterfly your pull ups together, if you can do 90% of what gets written on your whiteboard as it is written…. you’re in the “PRO” category.


The programming for this event will be different from the spring Rookie Rumbles. Programming will be written to be challenging, but approachable. Don’t expect to run into any “sticking points”.


T-shirts are included in the price of registration. Registration Closes two weeks prior or when event sells out (whichever comes first).


There will be one written movement standard for this event, but scaling will be allowed. If you do scale a movement your team is just eliminated from prizes.  Scores will still be shown on the leaderboard.  ONLY the workout scaled will be denoted on the leaderboard as “scaled”.  “Scaled” scores will fall below all “RX” scores on that workout.  Scaled movements will still be judged on your standard.


Cost Breakdown:

$64.99/athlete = $129.98

2.9% payment processing fee = $3.77/team

3.5% platform fee = $4.68/team



Once you sign up for an event 100% of all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you sign up for an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 90% of registration cost (i.e. a 10% service fee will apply to ALL refunds). At 30 days prior to an event the MAXIMUM refund granted will be 50% of registration cost. At 21 days prior to the event, there will be NO refunds granted. ALL refund requests MUST be sent via E-MAIL ONLY to info@lex-artis.net.


Price Guarantee Policy

We appreciate our early registrants and repeat customers. If you register for one of our events, and if we globally lower the price of the event after you have paid, we will refund the difference to you between the price you paid and the lower price.