Average Joes - Cincinnati
Saturday September 29th, 2018


CrossFit Symmetry LOCATION

Do you work a 9-5? Maybe show up to the gym at 6am before the twenty somethings are out of bed. Or do you come in late at night and work as hard as you can to get a little bit better every day? If this sounds like you, Average Joes is the competition for you!

This event is for all of us who aren't quite beginners anymore, but aren't exactly knocking on the door for Regionals. Average Joes is a competition for the group that works out every day and gives it everything they have, but at the end of the day, are trying to have fun and get a little healthier.

This event will be a partner competition (MM, FF, MF). The workouts for this event are for those of you that can do almost all of the workouts on the board at your gym prescribed on a given day, but maybe haven't mastered certain skills or lifts yet. Regardless of division, you won't be seeing complex gymnastics or olympic lifting complexes that would be too heavy. In other words, no muscle ups, unless you're talking about muscling a cold one up to your lips at the end of the day.

Cost Breakdown

$64.99/athlete = $129.98 - 2.9% payment processing fee = $3.77/team - 3.5% platform fee = $4.55/team - $0.30 Transaction fee


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