2019 Rookie Rumble - Detroit, MI
Saturday April 20th, 2019



ALL PAPERWORK HAS BEEN PRINTED FOR THIS EVENT. We CANNOT accept any further changes at this time! If you need to swap partners and you are STAYING IN THE EXACT SAME DIVISION, we can handle that swap the morning of the event. We just cannot change ANY of the printed material at this time. No teammate changes, no name changes, no heat assignment changes can be made.

HEAT ASSIGNMENTS - PLEASE check back with the heat assignments as they may have changed from the original posting.  



By signing up for an event you are NOT guaranteed to get photos of yourself (or multiple photos of yourself).  We do our best to capture the event, but there are 100-200 of you and only one photographer. If guaranteed photos of yourself are a priority you must bring your own photographer to shoot only you from behind the caution tape.  This doesn’t change the fact that we do TRY OUR BEST to get photos of everyone competing.


Photos will ALWAYS be posted within one week (7 days) of the event taking place.  Photos will be placed into an online album and shared via social media. The link will also be posted to our website.    Photos can be downloaded from this link. You are welcome to download and use these photos however you wish.