Send Plague to Nationals
Saturday December 21st, 2013

This event will be a fundraiser to help send a broke college kid who is a pretty amazing oly lifter to Nationals.

The day will start with a OLY Lifting class led by Chris Plague. (The guy is in the 85kg weight class and has a 107kg Snatch (235#) and a 136kg Clean and Jerk (300#)). This will broken down into two parts. There will be group instruction, then there will be free lifting time where Chris will work his way around to everyone and provide lifting ques and pointers. To attend the the Oly Lifting Class, we are asking for a minimum donation of $30 to help send Plague to Nationals.

The Second Part of the day will the The Thruster-thon Fundraiser. For every $10 we raise towards sending Plague to Nationals he is going to give us one thruster. If we raise $1,000, he is going to do 100 Thrusters. (All money counts towards this total, money thrown in the bucket the day of the event, money donated to attend the Oly Class, and money donated online). For anyone that cannot be there to witness Chris do his thrusters, we will be posting a video on youtube.

So, how can you donate?
1. Give money (cash or check made out to Lex Artis) to Pat Esper, Chad Cox, Nick Ostrowski, or Chris Plague.
2. Show up the day of the event and drop some money into the bucket in person.
3. Donate online here. You can either buy a single $10 donation or pick your own amount!

The exact time of the Oly Class is yet to be determined, we will be posting an update soon.

***100% of money raised is going to SENDING PLAGUE TO NATIONALS***